HB Beverage Company

Education, hospitality, and delicious flavors are a core value at HB™. We offer cold pressed juice, dairy free 'milk' shakes, and fresh fruit & acai bowls. Our menu will concise with limited ingredients shaped into exotic and delicious goods unlike any other. Our menu will always be clear and limited to excellence. HB is Kirkland's authority raw food and juice bar. Nothing else is going to taste this good, and we're going to prove it.

Cold Pressed Juice

We seek to reinvent the way juice is consumed, and were encouraged to build a user-friendly beverage service in Kirkland, WA. One that would be more delicious, more inclusive, and more readily available. Our focus is to create steps for a richer, healthier, plant-based community. A wellness opportunity people can get behind.


Mon - Fri 8 AM to 3 PM | Sat - Sun 9 AM to 2 PM
12409 NE 124th St. Kirkland, WA. 98034

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Many thanks to everyone who participated. And after hours of review $100 gift cards will be awarded to not one but TWO winners. It was too close to call... Winners were picked by edited down versions of their original submissions. Both entries were tied at 50 songs with a limited number of song omissions. That's 3 hours of AWESOME, great work!


HBBEVCO Master Mix

The following jams are some of our favorites. Almost 80 hours that hopefully anyone can draw from and enjoy. We play this mix in store. Please enjoy and subscribe!



Tie Winner MMGREEN

From loving music by Otis Redding to Outlaw Jams by Waylon Jennings. This playlist covers new and old, dance to rock. This a great mix that crosses all genres. A perfect contribution to our Master Playlist. Congratulations Sid and Misty!

Unedited Mix

Tie Winner PJang94

Shake your tail with Timberlake or drop that ass with Aesop Rock. Either way this yet another fabulous and diverse selection of songs that we’ve selected for our Master Playlist. Congrats and Thank You Paul!

Unedited Mix